And We’re Off!

A new look Biannual Gathering of Gothic Types in a Coastal North Yorkshire Town is well and truly underway.

The lounge of a pub long since boycotted by WGW officials is doing a roaring trade from WGW officials and the situation at the Whitby Pavilion has been been described as ‘unnervingly professional’.

The customery ‘Flyer, A Cackle & A Grope’ exercise from Sexy Sunday has commenced around the town’s hostelries whilst Gothtown’s own promotional activities have now reached the moons of Neptune.

Absinthe Promotions have been recognised by the British Flour Association for their purchase of eighteen tons of flour for Fields Of The Nephilim’s rider and Wom the cockroach has been inducted into the Elsinore’s dart team. It’s all good.

Have a great Whitby, enjoy yourselves and be safe, folks.


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