Goth Split Splinters

Whilst the biannual gathering of Goths at a North Yorkshire coastal town is still coming to terms with a date split between Top Mum and Absinthe Promotions, news has broken of a further twenty four promoters running events on different weekends at Whitby.

Whitby Goth Year is being pushed as an opportunity for Goths to celebrate their lifestyle on every weekend.

Among the promoters peddling distorted Sisters Of Mercy tracks through inadequate sound systems are ‘Goth Promotions’, ‘Gothic Promotions’, ‘Promotion Of Goth’ and ‘Gothmotions’.

Speaking from the lounge of a pub long since boycotted by WGW organisers, WGW splinter group, ‘WGW2’ enthused over their planned ‘Seethe Pit’ where attendees will be able to moan about something and the ‘Past Boots’ which they described as a pair of New Rocks glued to the floor that customers can be welded into whilst flicking through a pile of old WGW programmes.

However, on the other side of the lounge of a pub that WGW organisers had long since boycotted, another WGW splinter group ‘WGW3’ have opted for a fresh approach with their ‘Whine Box’ and ‘History Footwear’.

Facebook has issued a warning over a limitation in normal service as an expected influx of screen shots will be posted to the platform by users with nothing better to do.

Whitby resident, Aletaster Walkingboot has meanwhile announced ‘Fuck This Infantile Shit Fest’ where locals are invited to leave the town for an undisclosed location.


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