Breaking News: Wom In Resignation Shock.

News has filtered out of Top Mum HQ this afternoon that Wom the cockroach has resigned his position as WGW mascot, paving the way for a leadership challenge.

Associated with rubbish and rot, having unfathomable longevity that has baffled science for years and a very basic thought process, coupled with next to no problem solving skills, insiders see Wom as a perfect fit to grapple for power with Jo Hampshire, current figurehead of the beleaguered organisation.

News of the resignation was sombrely met by Absinthe Promotions whose tweet shortly afterwards summed up the mood, stating, “We are excited to be able to announce that a hologram of Robert Smith, circa 1986 will be headlining Tommorow’s Ghost’s October date in 2283 along with the original line up of Sisters Of Mercy who will be reanimated especially for the event!”

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that Gothtown have offered free entry to events for arachnids, invertebrates and those spindly-legged fly thingies that lurk in cupboards.

Wom’s own team have thus far resisted calls for comment, though WGW representatives have come out to show solidarity towards Top Mum. Speaking from the lounge of a pub that  organisers have long since boycotted, Minister Without A Clue, Ms. Anne Oying- Loudvoice demanded a cigarette from a customer then failed to return for our interview.

We reached out to Whitby resident, Aletaster Walkingboot for comment, but he attempted to throw our reporter into the harbour.


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